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Capacity Building

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We design capacity building strategy for your growing needs.


“We cannot perform our tasks to the best of our power unless we think well of our own capacity.” William Godwin

“If only we had the capacity, we could accomplish so much more. We are tasked to do a lot with a little.” This is the lament of many organizational leaders. Some adopt a mindset of acceptance, “It is what it is.”  However, another point of view acknowledges what is, without resignation.  With capacity building at The Right Source, these leaders envision new possibilities for the future.


What is capacity building?

It is an organizational development process, which analyzes the current level of fitness of the organization. Then, the process develops a long-term plan for growth. The result moves organizations past survival, and creates space for realistic expansion and innovation.

While it’s easy to see the need for capacity building, how is it accomplished, and what are the steps to expand capacity? The first step is an organizational assessment to determine the fitness of the organization. The assessment can include a look at the current vision, mission, values and priorities. Leadership, management, infrastructure, adaptability and organizational culture are also areas to consider in the assessment.

Once baseline measures are established, a capacity building plan can be designed. Plan development is more meaningful and authentic when it involves all areas of the organization. Making the process as inclusive as possible is desirable.


The Value We Bring

  • A tested and proven capacity building assessment process & tools
  • Baseline analysis of the organization
  • Post-Assessment recommendations
  • Technical assistance in the development of a capacity building plan


What You Can Expect

  • Non-negotiable confidentiality
  • Safe space created for staff engagement and sharing
  • Non-judgmental, active listening process
  • Assessment tools best suited for the organization
  • Access to capacity building resources
  • Collaboratively designed plan
  • Inclusive process from beginning to end


“As is our confidence, so is our capacity. ” William Hazlitt

Clients seek the expertise of The Right Source.  Assessment, technical assistance and capacity building plan development typically form the basis of the scope of work. We’ve worked with the following funding principals and partner institutions to support local nonprofits:

  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
  • University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Forefront (former Donors Forum)
  • Chicago Foundation for Women