Strategic Planning is the core of momentum at The Right Source

Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning Is What Drives Momentum

"It's not the plan that's important, it's the planning." Graeme Edwards

Happening somewhere in an organization everyday

Executive Director (ED): We need to develop a new strategic plan for the next three years.

Staff: Do we have to? (moans and groans)

ED: Yes! It’s our road map for the future.

Staff: What happened to the old plan?

ED: It’s on the shelf.

Staff: Are you sure we need another plan?

But, strategic planning doesn't have to be this way.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” Alan Lakein

Strategic planning should be a dynamic, engaging process. The resulting plan that comes out of the process is important, but the process says even more about the organization.  All voices (Board, staff, funding principals, community, volunteers) should be heard during the process. It is a time for stakeholders to reflect on vision, mission and priorities. Questions to be addressed: Where is the organization now? Where would it like to be in the future? How will it get there?

Implementation and monitoring of the strategic plan makes it a valuable, actionable tool for moving the organization forward, ensuring mission impact.

The Value We Bring

  • Clear understanding of the strategic planning process (aims, timelines & outcomes).
  • Organizational scan to determine key issues facing the organization.
  • Ability to gather info from internal & external stakeholders in a non-threatening, unobtrusive manner.
  • Coordination of a strategic planning committee.
  • Facilitation of a collaborative planning session with stakeholders.
  • Support with development of a multiple-year plan including goals, objectives, priorities & implementation action steps.

What You Can Expect

  • A transparent process
  • Ongoing, open exchange throughout the planning process
  • Strategic planning process work plan with realistic timelines
  • Accountability aligned with clearly stated deliverables
  • Flexibility when necessary to accommodate organization’s calendar
  • Completion of scope of work in a timely manner

The Right Source was pleased to support the strategic planning process for the Carole Robertson Center for Learning (CRCL), the Clinical Pastoral Education Program at Advocate Health Care Systems, and the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network (CMBWN). These organizations, and many other organizations, engaged The Right Source to facilitate and coordinate their planning process. Each organization created a plan that did not gather dust on a shelf, but served as the framework for the future direction of the organization.