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Organizational Fitness

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Organizational Fitness: Preparation for upcoming challenges


“The only certainty in business is uncertainty.” Stephen Covey

In today’s economic environment, organizations face sudden growth spurts, unexpected market shifts, and emerging competitors. Organizational fitness consultation in this environment can be invaluable. That’s why our principals work diligently to keep our clients’ insight sharp and focused.

Through our team of specialists, we offer expertise in evaluation of your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and performance capacity. We help leadership teams identify structural and alignment issues impacting key performance indicators (KPI’s), and we measure how effectively organizations can respond to new opportunities.

Invariably, stakeholders bring a wide variety of viewpoints to organizational fitness, and research shows this is normal. The Right Source helps clients discuss, and reach consensus on what organizational fitness means in their specific setting. With consensus, we can help design baseline metrics that support development of an organizational fitness plan. Then, we leave you with tools to track and monitor continued fitness. Because our focus is measurable results, there’s no worry you’re investing in a mindless time-consuming exercise of no long-term importance. 


The value we bring

  • Identification of weaknesses, which can be converted into strengths with proper support
  • Human capital assessment aligned with today’s goals and priorities
  • Making sure the right people are in the right seats
  • A fresh perspective on organizational culture
  • Formulation of a process improvement plan
  • Development of a strong organization core to prepare for unforeseen threats and challenges
  • Creation of an organization-wide professional development strategy


What you can expect

  • Professional observation processes
  • Objective feedback & recommendations
  • Supportive space for input from internal and external stakeholders
  • Data to support decision-making
  • Access to relevant organizational development resources
  • Support for development of an organization fitness plan


The Right Source Founder, Deborah Minor Harvey, has provided organizational fitness consulting to organizations and businesses, newly and well-established. Through her association with the Gestalt International Organization & Systems Development Center in Cleveland, Ohio, she traveled to Budapest, Singapore, Cape Town, South Africa and Portugal. In each setting, she worked with local NGOs and businesses.